About two hours drive south of Diego, this national park, created in 1958, is a true natural wonder. It is home to exceptional fauna, birds, reptiles, several species of lemurs and also the smallest chameleon in the world (the Brookesia).
It is a real paradise for exploring the Malagasy flora and fauna. Indeed, countless species of trees are present there providing a living environment for a variety of fauna.
While walking through this tropical rainforest, you can discover sacred lakes and waterfalls of great beauty at the foot of which locals place offerings.
This volcanic massif offers a beautiful walk in a natural and wild setting.

Prices of the excursion

Excursion Duration 1 pers. 2 pers. 3 pers. 4 people
Amber Mountain National Park 1 day 385,000 MGA
255,000 MGA
220,000 MGA
185,000 MGA