Pedagogy - Equipment

Ocean Lodge lessons are based on international pedagogy which helps you learn to kitesurf in a safe way. Your instructor respects your pace and guides you through all the steps to achieve your goals. You move at your own pace for maximum pleasure and safety.

In addition to the basic equipment, each student is equipped with a walkie talkie. The proximity to your monitor and radio assistance give you confidence and allow the monitor to intervene quickly.

The material is renewed every year. It is systematically stored in a closed room (storage box).

Ocean Lodge also provides suitable equipment for children.

For your comfort and optimal learning, kitesurfing and windsurfing lessons take place every day, at low tide, in the bay of Sakalava. The schedules therefore vary according to the tide times.

Kitesurfing lessons / windsurfing lessons / wingfoil lessons
Kitesurfing lessons / windsurfing lessons / wingfoil lessons