Kitesurfing lessons – private or two-person ?

We offer 2 formulas to choose from :

  • Individual lesson: 1 trainee - 1 kite
  • Two-person lesson: 2 trainees - 1 kite

  From beginners to advanced level.

  Small groups allow the instructor to be aware of each of his trainees at all time.

   The instructor can adjust to your expectations and your level.

  You evolve at your own pace with pleasure and safely.

  The proximity of your instructor gives you confidence and allows him to take action quickly if needs be.

  You learn faster because of the small number of trainees.


Kitesurf lessons with Ocean Lodge - Madagascar


Kitesurf lessons in duet with Ocean Lodge - Madagascar

Do you want to make a reservation or ask further questions ?

Call us at these numbers :
00261 34 46 577 85
or 00261 34 52 306 27
or 00261 32 56 214 47

You can also contact us by email Email

The equipment

All equipment is provided: board, wing, harness, life jacket, walkie-talkie, helmet and slippers.

You are in permanent contact with your instructor by walkie-talkie.

Location twin-tip par Ocean Lodge - Sakalava - Madagascar
Matériel pour les cours de kitesurf Ocean Lodge