Kitesurfing lessons : solo or duo ?

We offer 2 options to choose from:

  • Solo lessons: 1 trainee - 1 kite
  • Duo course: 2 trainees - 1 kite

From initiation to improvement.

Small groups allow the instructor to listen to each of his students.

The instructor adapts to your expectations and your level.

You move at your own pace for maximum pleasure and safety.

The proximity of your monitor and the walkie-talkie link give you confidence and allow him to intervene quickly.

Faster learning due to small number of students.


Private kitesurfing lessons with Ocean Lodge - Madagascar


Duo kitesurfing lessons with Ocean Lodge - Madagascar

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All the equipment is provided to you: board, wing, harness, flotation device, walkie-talkie, helmet and slippers.

You are in permanent contact with your monitor by walkie-talkie